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Homelands Magic The Gathering Cards

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Homelands was the thirteenth Magic: The Gathering set and seventh expert level set, released in October 1995. It was considered to be part of the Ice Age block until the announcement of Coldsnap in October 2005.

The 140-card set introduced no new mechanics or keywords; however, it did use some of the mechanics found in Ice Age. Most notably, Homelands used the "cantrip" ability: a cantrip spell in the Ice Age block allowed a player to draw a card at the beginning of the next turn in addition to a normally minor spell effect. Later cantrips allowed a player to draw a card immediately.

Homelands also included single-color legendary creatures, first found in Ice Age. In Homelands, each color had at least one legend, with some colors having as many as four.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbbey Gargoyles
Magic Card ImageAbbey Matron
Magic Card ImageAEther Storm
Magic Card ImageAliban's Tower
Magic Card ImageAmbush
Magic Card ImageAmbush Party
Magic Card ImageAn-Havva Constable
Magic Card ImageAn-Havva Inn
Magic Card ImageAn-Havva Township
Magic Card ImageAn-Zerrin Ruins
Magic Card ImageAnaba Ancestor
Magic Card ImageAnaba Bodyguard
Magic Card ImageAnaba Shaman
Magic Card ImageAnaba Spirit Crafter
Magic Card ImageApocalypse Chime
Magic Card ImageAutumn Willow
Magic Card ImageAysen Abbey
Magic Card ImageAysen Bureaucrats
Magic Card ImageAysen Crusader
Magic Card ImageAysen Highway
Magic Card ImageBaki's Curse
Magic Card ImageBaron Sengir
Magic Card ImageBeast Walkers
Magic Card ImageBlack Carriage
Magic Card ImageBroken Visage
Magic Card ImageCarapace
Magic Card ImageCastle Sengir
Magic Card ImageCemetery Gate
Magic Card ImageChain Stasis
Magic Card ImageChandler
Magic Card ImageClockwork Gnomes
Magic Card ImageClockwork Steed
Magic Card ImageClockwork Swarm
Magic Card ImageCoral Reef
Magic Card ImageDark Maze
Magic Card ImageDaughter of Autumn
Magic Card ImageDeath Speakers
Magic Card ImageDidgeridoo
Magic Card ImageDrudge Spell
Magic Card ImageDry Spell
Magic Card ImageDwarven Pony
Magic Card ImageDwarven Sea Clan
Magic Card ImageDwarven Trader
Magic Card ImageEbony Rhino
Magic Card ImageEron the Relentless
Magic Card ImageEvaporate
Magic Card ImageFaerie Noble
Magic Card ImageFeast of the Unicorn
Magic Card ImageFeroz's Ban
Magic Card ImageFolk of An-Havva
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