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Future Sight Magic The Gathering Cards

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Future Sight is an expansion set, codenamed "Pop", for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The set was released worldwide on May 4, 2007. The pre-release events for this set were held on April 21 and April 22, 2007

Future Sight contains 180 cards. The expansion symbol is an eye looking through a rift portal. The designers of the set are Mark Rosewater (lead), Matt Cavotta, Devin Low, Mark Gottlieb, Ryan Miller, and Zvi Mowshowitz. The developers of the set are Mike Turian (lead), Matt Cavotta, Matt Place, and Brian Schneider.

The set has "Timeshifted" cards, as first confirmed by Mark Rosewater. Unlike Time Spiral, the Timeshifted cards are not direct reprints of older Magic cards but rather are cards that may appear in future sets.These cards have normal rarity symbols as opposed to purple, and are considered a part of the expansion, not a separate sub-set. Also, the Timeshifted cards in Future Sight have been given a new frame. Another difference is that Future Sight has many mechanics spread among many cards, instead of several focused mechanics in many cards.

Another Magus cycle--creature cards that refer to cards from the past--made its appearance as well; the cycle in Future Sight echoes enchantments from past sets. For example, the card Magus of the Moon has the same ability as the enchantment Blood Moon.

Future Sight also introduced a new supertype for non-creature permanents: tribal. Tribal cards utilize a subtype that matches a creature type. The tribal supertype had been planned for the Lorwyn set, and was timeshifted into future in the card Bound in Silence, a "Rebel Enchantment".

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkroma's Memorial
Magic Card ImageAngel of Salvation
Magic Card ImageArc Blade
Magic Card ImageArcanum Wings
Magic Card ImageAugur il-Vec
Magic Card ImageAugur il-Vec - Foil
Magic Card ImageAugur of Skulls
Magic Card ImageAven Augur
Magic Card ImageAven Mindcensor
Magic Card ImageBarren Glory
Magic Card ImageBaru, Fist of Krosa
Magic Card ImageBitter Ordeal
Magic Card ImageBlade of the Sixth Pride
Magic Card ImageBlind Phantasm
Magic Card ImageBloodshot Trainee
Magic Card ImageBogardan Lancer
Magic Card ImageBoldwyr Intimidator
Magic Card ImageBonded Fetch
Magic Card ImageBound in Silence
Magic Card ImageBridge from Below
Magic Card ImageCentaur Omenreader
Magic Card ImageChar-Rumbler
Magic Card ImageChronomantic Escape
Magic Card ImageCloud Key
Magic Card ImageCloudseeder
Magic Card ImageCoalition Relic
Magic Card ImageCryptic Annelid
Magic Card ImageCutthroat il-Dal
Magic Card ImageCyclical Evolution
Magic Card ImageDakmor Salvage
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Garrison
Magic Card ImageDaybreak Coronet
Magic Card ImageDeath Rattle
Magic Card ImageDeepcavern Imp
Magic Card ImageDelay
Magic Card ImageDryad Arbor
Magic Card ImageDust of Moments
Magic Card ImageEdge of Autumn
Magic Card ImageEmberwilde Augur
Magic Card ImageEmblem of the Warmind
Magic Card ImageEpochrasite
Magic Card ImageEven the Odds
Magic Card ImageFatal Attraction
Magic Card ImageFatal Attraction - Foil
Magic Card ImageFestering March
Magic Card ImageFleshwrither
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Embrace
Magic Card ImageFomori Nomad
Magic Card ImageForce of Savagery
Magic Card ImageForesee
Magic Card ImageFrenzy Sliver
Magic Card ImageGathan Raiders
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