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Fifth Dawn Magic The Gathering Cards

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Fifth Dawn is a Magic: The Gathering expansion set that came out in May 2004. It is the third and final set of the Mirrodin block. There are 165 cards overall, a high number of them are artifacts. However, Fifth Dawn adds a new twist to artifact theme of Mirrodin and Darksteel: it encourages using colored mana for playing artifact spells (see Sunburst mechanic below). Fifth Dawn 's expansion symbol is small image of Helm of Kaldra, a card from this set. Fifth Dawn was also noted to be a set based almost entirely on combo cards. Fans have called it a "second Urza's Saga".

Fifth Dawn was the first set to introduce a new card front design of artifacts: inner border color became more dark, so the artifacts would be less likely confused with white cards. On a side note, it is possible to collect a few cards with the new type set from older editions as well. These cards can only be bought as reprints appearing in the Fifth Dawn theme decks. These Darksteel and Mirrodin reprints are visibly different from their original printings when placed side-by-side.

  • Sunburst - the artifact card with Sunburst gets % 2B1/% 2B1 counter (if it's creature) or a charge counter (if it's a noncreature artifact) for each color of mana used to pay for it.
  • Scry - "Scry X" means "Look at the top X cards of your library. Put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order." In Fifth Dawn scry was always 2, later in Future Sight this mechanic was reprinted with different scry values.% 26nbsp;
  • The set also focuses on "cogs" (the artifacts that cost 1 or 0 mana, although they're not referred to as "cogs" in rules text) and on combo pieces. For example, it contains a cycle of four artifacts called stations that, when used together, formed an infinite combo, or a combination of cards that allows a player an infinite amount of some resource. They do not mention each other by name (and in fact are the first R% 26amp;D designed combo not to do so), and so combinations of only two or three and some other card (such as March of the Machines from Mirrodin or Mycosynth Lattice from Darksteel) are also useful. This combo is also the first R% 26amp;D-designed infinite combo; previous ones had effects that put a normally expensive creature into play or only worked if another specific card was in play.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbuna's Chant
Magic Card ImageAcquire
Magic Card ImageAcquire - Foil
Magic Card ImageAdvanced Hoverguard
Magic Card ImageAll Suns' Dawn
Magic Card ImageAnodet Lurker
Magic Card ImageAnodet Lurker - Foil
Magic Card ImageArachnoid
Magic Card ImageArcbound Wanderer
Magic Card ImageArmed Response
Magic Card ImageArmed Response - Foil
Magic Card ImageArtificer's Intuition
Magic Card ImageAuriok Champion
Magic Card ImageAuriok Salvagers
Magic Card ImageAuriok Windwalker
Magic Card ImageAvarice Totem
Magic Card ImageBaton of Courage
Magic Card ImageBaton of Courage - Foil
Magic Card ImageBattered Golem
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Creation
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Destruction
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Immortality
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Tomorrows
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Unrest
Magic Card ImageBlasting Station
Magic Card ImageBlind Creeper
Magic Card ImageBlinkmoth Infusion
Magic Card ImageBringer of the Black Dawn
Magic Card ImageBringer of the Blue Dawn
Magic Card ImageBringer of the Green Dawn
Magic Card ImageBringer of the Red Dawn
Magic Card ImageBringer of the White Dawn
Magic Card ImageCackling Imp
Magic Card ImageCackling Imp - Foil
Magic Card ImageChannel the Suns
Magic Card ImageChimeric Coils
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Artifacts
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Artifacts - Foil
Magic Card ImageClearwater Goblet
Magic Card ImageClock of Omens
Magic Card ImageComposite Golem
Magic Card ImageComposite Golem - Foil
Magic Card ImageCondescend
Magic Card ImageConjurer's Bauble
Magic Card ImageCosmic Larva
Magic Card ImageCosmic Larva - Foil
Magic Card ImageCranial Plating
Magic Card ImageCrucible of Worlds
Magic Card ImageDawn's Reflection
Magic Card ImageDesecration Elemental
Magic Card ImageDevour in Shadow
Magic Card ImageDisruption Aura
Magic Card ImageDoor to Nothingness
Magic Card ImageDoubling Cube
Magic Card ImageDross Crocodile
Magic Card ImageDross Crocodile - Foil
Magic Card ImageEarly Frost
Magic Card ImageEbon Drake
Magic Card ImageEndless Whispers
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