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Fallen Empires Magic The Gathering Cards

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Fallen Empires was the ninth Magic: The Gathering set and the fifth expert level set, released in November 1994. Out of the set of 187 cards, 102 were functionally unique, with the remainder being variant illustrations of other cards in the set. It was sold in packs of 8, each containing seven common cards and one uncommon card. Though the set contained no rare cards, some uncommons appeared three times on the uncommon sheet ('U3') and others appeared only once. The latter are sometimes referred to as rare. The expansion symbol for the set is a crown, possibly of the contesting ruler of Sarpadia.

Because previous sets were underprinted, more Fallen Empires cards were printed than any previous set. Additionally, the set is considered by many fans to be one of the weakest in terms of card power. As a result, booster packs of Fallen Empires have been available for a long time after going out of print in 1995, and still cost much less than sets currently in print. The booster packaging was also semi-transparent and some card names particularly the uncommon are visible through it.

Fallen Empires introduced a tribal theme that would later be revisited in Onslaught. Each color had two main creature types, as well as cards that benefit from controlling creatures of those types. Another theme introduced was color wars; specifically, each color making war on itself, with two major tribes for each color. A number of Fallen Empires cards also made heavy usage of counters.

  • Color Tribes
  • Black Order of the Ebon Hand and Thrulls% 26nbsp;
  • Blue (Vodalian) Merfolk and Homarid% 26nbsp;
  • Green Elves and Thallid% 26nbsp;
  • Red Dwarves and Goblins/Orcs% 26nbsp;
  • White Icatia's Order of Leitbur and Farrelite Cul

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAeolipile
Magic Card ImageArmor Thrull
Magic Card ImageBalm of Restoration
Magic Card ImageBasal Thrull
Magic Card ImageBottomless Vault
Magic Card ImageBrassclaw Orcs
Magic Card ImageBreeding Pit
Magic Card ImageCombat Medic
Magic Card ImageConch Horn
Magic Card ImageDeep Spawn
Magic Card ImageDelif's Cone
Magic Card ImageDelif's Cube
Magic Card ImageDerelor
Magic Card ImageDraconian Cylix
Magic Card ImageDwarven Armorer
Magic Card ImageDwarven Catapult
Magic Card ImageDwarven Hold
Magic Card ImageDwarven Lieutenant
Magic Card ImageDwarven Ruins
Magic Card ImageDwarven Soldier
Magic Card ImageEbon Praetor
Magic Card ImageEbon Stronghold
Magic Card ImageElven Fortress
Magic Card ImageElven Lyre
Magic Card ImageElvish Farmer
Magic Card ImageElvish Hunter
Magic Card ImageElvish Scout
Magic Card ImageFarrel's Mantle
Magic Card ImageFarrel's Zealot
Magic Card ImageFarrelite Priest
Magic Card ImageFeral Thallid
Magic Card ImageFungal Bloom
Magic Card ImageGoblin Chirurgeon
Magic Card ImageGoblin Flotilla
Magic Card ImageGoblin Grenade
Magic Card ImageGoblin Kites
Magic Card ImageGoblin War Drums
Magic Card ImageGoblin Warrens
Magic Card ImageHand of Justice
Magic Card ImageHavenwood Battleground
Magic Card ImageHeroism
Magic Card ImageHigh Tide
Magic Card ImageHollow Trees
Magic Card ImageHomarid
Magic Card ImageHomarid Shaman
Magic Card ImageHomarid Spawning Bed
Magic Card ImageHomarid Warrior
Magic Card ImageHymn to Tourach
Magic Card ImageIcatian Infantry
Magic Card ImageIcatian Javelineers
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