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Exodus Magic The Gathering Cards

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Exodus was the 22nd Magic: The Gathering set, fourteenth expert level set, and the third and final set in the Rath Block, released on June 15, 1998. Its expansion symbol is a bridge.

Exodus is the first set to make a card's rarity visibly apparent on the card itself. All previous expansions had no way to tell whether a card was a common card or a rare card. From Exodus on, the expansion symbol reveals what rarity a card is. If a card has a black expansion symbol, it is a common card (there are eleven common cards in a fifteen-card booster pack). If it has a silver expansion symbol, it is an uncommon card (three in a booster pack). If it has a gold expansion symbol, it is a rare card (one in a booster pack).

Exodus is also the first set to add collectors' numbers to the cards themselves. Next to the copyright information are two numbers in the format X/Y, where X is the card's collectors' number and Y the number of cards in the set in question. The cards were numbered in alphabetical order by color according to the Magic color wheel, starting with white and going clockwise (to blue, then black, then red, then green, then multicolored cards, then artifacts, then lands). Thus, in Exodus, the last white card alphabetically in the set, Zealots en-Dal, is numbered 26, and the first blue card alphabetically in the set, AEther Tide, is numbered 27.

Finally, Exodus is also the first set to center the artist and copyright information at the bottom of the card, rather than have that information aligned to the left side of the card. This change persisted until the card design change in 8th Edition.

Exodus introduces no new keywords or mechanics, but it did use the Buyback and Shadow mechanics introduced in Tempest.

There were two cycles in Exodus called by the name of "underdog" cards: cards that aid the player most when he is behind his opponent in a certain aspect of the game.The first cycle are the Oaths, one rare enchantment of each color, that would check a resource (life, creatures, cards in hand) of each player and then balance them out. There were also the keepers, that were weaker creature versions of the oaths, and uncommon.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAEther Tide
Magic Card ImageAllay
Magic Card ImageAnarchist
Magic Card ImageAngelic Blessing
Magic Card ImageAvenging Druid
Magic Card ImageBequeathal
Magic Card ImageCarnophage
Magic Card ImageCartographer
Magic Card ImageCat Burglar
Magic Card ImageCataclysm
Magic Card ImageCharging Paladin
Magic Card ImageCinder Crawler
Magic Card ImageCity of Traitors
Magic Card ImageCoat of Arms
Magic Card ImageConvalescence
Magic Card ImageCrashing Boars
Magic Card ImageCulling the Weak
Magic Card ImageCunning
Magic Card ImageCuriosity
Magic Card ImageCursed Flesh
Magic Card ImageDauthi Cutthroat
Magic Card ImageDauthi Jackal
Magic Card ImageDauthi Warlord
Magic Card ImageDeath's Duet
Magic Card ImageDizzying Gaze
Magic Card ImageDominating Licid
Magic Card ImageElven Palisade
Magic Card ImageElvish Berserker
Magic Card ImageEntropic Specter
Magic Card ImageEphemeron
Magic Card ImageEquilibrium
Magic Card ImageErratic Portal
Magic Card ImageErtai, Wizard Adept
Magic Card ImageExalted Dragon
Magic Card ImageFade Away
Magic Card ImageFighting Chance
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Flood
Magic Card ImageForbid
Magic Card ImageFugue
Magic Card ImageFurnace Brood
Magic Card ImageGrollub
Magic Card ImageHatred
Magic Card ImageHigh Ground
Magic Card ImageJackalope Herd
Magic Card ImageKeeper of the Beasts
Magic Card ImageKeeper of the Dead
Magic Card ImageKeeper of the Flame
Magic Card ImageKeeper of the Light
Magic Card ImageKeeper of the Mind
Magic Card ImageKiller Whale
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