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Eventide Magic The Gathering Cards

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Eventide is an expansion set from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. It was released on July 25, 2008. The pre-release events for this set were held on July 12 and July 13, 2008

Eventide is the second set in the Shadowmoor block, which is part of the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor superblock. The two blocks mirror each other in many different ways including flavor and mechanics. Even the expansion symbol of Eventide has striking similarities to that of Morningtide, its counterpart in Lorwyn: where the Morningtide symbol suggests a full sun, the Eventide symbol suggests a mostly eclipsed sun.

Eventide will continue the block themes of hybrid cards and color matters that Shadowmoor started, as well as the Wither and Persist key words. Where Shadowmoor focused on allied color hybrids, Eventide focuses on enemy color hybrid cards. Eventide also introduces two new mechanics:

  • Retrace: this ability allows one to play a card out of one's graveyard with an added cost of discarding a land.
  • Chroma: this ability word makes the number of mana symbols of a particular color a variable which determines the effect of a card.One card from Eventide, Phosphorescent Feast, had already appeared in Future Sight, but without using the ability word Chroma.
The Eventide boosters also include a rules card/token card.

Five theme decks were released as part of the set. The preconstructed theme decks are: "Life Drain" (White/Black), "Sidestep" (Blue/Red), "Death March" (Black/Green), "Battle Blitz" (Red/White), and "Superabundance" (Green/Blue).

The Hybrid Land Cycle - The cycle from Shadowmoor was joined by the enemy colored versions Fetid Heath, Rugged Prairie, Cascade Bluffs, Flooded Grove, and Twilight Mire. This makes the Hybrid Land cycle the fourth rare dual land cycle to be made for both allied and enemy colors (The others include the Dual Land from Beta, The Pain Lands from Ice Age and Apocalypse, and The Shocklands from Ravnica block).

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAerie Ouphes
Magic Card ImageAltar Golem
Magic Card ImageAntler Skulkin
Magic Card ImageArchon of Justice
Magic Card ImageAshling, the Extinguisher
Magic Card ImageBalefire Liege
Magic Card ImageBallynock Trapper
Magic Card ImageBallynock Trapper - Foil
Magic Card ImageBanishing Knack
Magic Card ImageBattlegate Mimic
Magic Card ImageBattlegate Mimic - Foil
Magic Card ImageBatwing Brume
Magic Card ImageBeckon Apparition
Magic Card ImageBelligerent Hatchling
Magic Card ImageBelligerent Hatchling - Foil
Magic Card ImageBloodied Ghost
Magic Card ImageBloom Tender
Magic Card ImageCache Raiders
Magic Card ImageCall the Skybreaker
Magic Card ImageCanker Abomination
Magic Card ImageCankerous Thirst
Magic Card ImageCascade Bluffs
Magic Card ImageCascade Bluffs - Foil
Magic Card ImageCauldron Haze
Magic Card ImageCenn's Enlistment
Magic Card ImageChaotic Backlash
Magic Card ImageCinder Pyromancer
Magic Card ImageCinder Pyromancer - Foil
Magic Card ImageClout of the Dominus
Magic Card ImageCold-Eyed Selkie
Magic Card ImageCrackleburr
Magic Card ImageCrag Puca
Magic Card ImageCreakwood Ghoul
Magic Card ImageCreakwood Ghoul - Foil
Magic Card ImageCreakwood Liege
Magic Card ImageCrumbling Ashes
Magic Card ImageDeathbringer Liege
Magic Card ImageDeity of Scars
Magic Card ImageDesecrator Hag
Magic Card ImageDivinity of Pride
Magic Card ImageDominus of Fealty
Magic Card ImageDoomgape
Magic Card ImageDouble Cleave
Magic Card ImageDrain the Well
Magic Card ImageDream Fracture
Magic Card ImageDream Thief
Magic Card ImageDuergar Assailant
Magic Card ImageDuergar Cave-Guard
Magic Card ImageDuergar Hedge-Mage
Magic Card ImageDuergar Mine-Captain
Magic Card ImageDuskdale Wurm
Magic Card ImageEdge of the Divinity
Magic Card ImageEndless Horizons
Magic Card ImageEndure
Magic Card ImageEvershrike
Magic Card ImageFable of Wolf and Owl
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