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Decks Containing Yamabushi-sq-s-Flame

His Infernal Majesty
76 Cards
Value: $82.36
This is the best burn deck you have ever seen. You may want to add some more creatures, but the Ben-Ben, Akki Poet and the Sandstorm should be lethal with the correct mana boost.
His Infernal Majesty (Fixed)
78 Cards
Value: $88.26
To find out about this deck you must see the \"wrong version\". When I say sandstorm I mean Searing Wind.
Dark Divinity
58 Cards
Value: $18.38
This deck Isn't the best deck but it has won me a bunch of games.
Goblin Swarm
51 Cards
Value: $21.82
this deck is just a fast deck that just gives me a human shield
Bad To The Burn
60 Cards
Value: $72.80
The whole point of this deck is to burn the opponent to the ground. ON the first turn you start off with lava spike or shock then you stay ssmall until ypu can play lava axe and heartless hidetsugu. This deck is great for type 2 and should really be tested I have had great results. Feel free for comments! Hsppy playing

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Archangel of Thune

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