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Decks Containing Withered-Wretch

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Black God Deck2
70 Cards
Value: $22.50
this deck is currently(march,2nd) 18 wins 3losses.
Necro Master
60 Cards
Value: $40.17
more often than not a good first hand appears, giving you the edge from the get-go. fast creatures give you a good defence and the fear gives you a great offence against most opponents. when playing black, go for the gempalm polluter's cycling ability with the final punishment as the finisher. enjoy :)
Screams Of The Tormented!!!
59 Cards
Value: $37.63
pump up zombies 'till they are f'in huge!cycle gempalm polluter to finish off the opponent. ha, ha, ha!
T2 Zombie-cleric
59 Cards
Value: $110.66
this deck should be mainly used as a fun deck rather than a tournament deck, although, it should do pretty good.
Good Zombie
60 Cards
Value: $189.95
its quite simple to play, so u shouldn't have any trouble.
T2 Zombies
60 Cards
Value: $100.27
i thought this one up in my head. should be pretty fast. prefurably an early embalmed brawler and the followed up by your favorite dead fatties. lich's tomb is there for when your army starts to hurt you
Rotlung Bnnnngggggggggg
57 Cards
Value: $72.49
the point of this deck is to bring out cheap clerics, destroy them by giving everything -x/-x counters, then bringing them back. i brought out 18 6/5 zombies.
Zombie Grave Purge
43 Cards
Value: $12.45
Army Of Zombies
58 Cards
Value: $217.86
Zombie Power
60 Cards
Value: $66.38
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