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Decks Containing Wall-of-Vapor

Prevent And Annoy
48 Cards
Value: $1846.99
Counter Deck
60 Cards
Value: $32.49
use this deck for countering. the combo is: memory lapse + booby trap. memory lapse a card and put out booby trap. name the card you memory lapsed. it will do 10 damage to them.
Underwater Hell
43 Cards
Value: $12.87
The whole point of my deck is to prevent my opponents from bringing out any cards so that i can take them out in around 15 turns.
Blue Control
65 Cards
Value: $31.98
This deck relies on dealing damage on your opponents turn. All of the creatures except the walls and the Archivist has "Tap: Deals 1 damage to target creature or player." Do that on their turn. This also help with smaller creatures. The walls (all of which receive no damage) help to hold back the creatures that happen to get by any Coun
The Coolest Deck In The World
38 Cards
Value: $15.72
this deck is used to discard their hand then have the rack deal damage to them
Merfolk-counter Deck
61 Cards
Value: $31.04
this is an awsome deck to rush with merfolk. combos: 1. memory lapse + booby trap 2. lord of atlantis + merfolk creatures.

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