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Decks Containing Tainted-Wood

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43 Cards
Value: $86.23
Zombie Nation
60 Cards
Value: $76.98
the cheap zombies quickly infest the table, rising up from the graveyard through the lord's ability. your lord gets killed? unearth him, and prepare for the game winning, 24 damage strength of night. nasty.
Forest Of Death
63 Cards
Value: $149.55
note- fog and wirewood savage part of deack no sideboard
59 Cards
Value: $139.49
"why cannibal, because it eats itself...the basic idea is to play the cheap madness creatures off the mongrel or infestation, sacrificing them to the braids as necessay. the infiltrator is there to help power the infestation, which should create fodder for braids. also, the birds/trees supply plentiful mana, so you should be able to ditch lands if ned be. the most important part is just keep braids there long enough for her to eat your op
Slivers And Elves Mayhem
68 Cards
Value: $208.76
use the elves, far wanderings, mana prism, and tainted lands to get the multiple mana types needed for the slivers and the queen. use urza's incubator in conjunction with sliver queen to make infinite slivers!
New Nantuko Deck
58 Cards
Value: $38.85
Sacrificial Squirrels
60 Cards
Value: $193.34
the squirrels are not for attacking, rather they are for sacrificing to cards like braids
B-g Big Creatures Very Fast
60 Cards
Value: $2905.14
easy third turn hypnox from the hand. reya keeps them coming. survival gets you what you want, where you want it. possible 1st turn 7/8 flying(swamp for ritual, play imp, discard hypnox for the imp, animate dead the hypnox. can't beat that.
The Rock
60 Cards
Value: $289.38
it has served me well i hope it will do the same for you
Grave Danger!!
61 Cards
Value: $162.70
hey it works. but don't fight with a blue deck
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