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Decks Containing Sunscape-Apprentice

Tech City
56 Cards
Value: $18.28
yeah burn is gay and all the burn decks posted suck so just dont post burn decks cause they are so easy to make and beat
Stand Back And Let The Spells Fly
52 Cards
Value: $45.82
Protection Deck
60 Cards
Value: $141.83
the deck is simple get out the shifting sky & the moat as fast as you can then get the worship and protect it with the groves the elder makes your creatures hit the opponent, it is not very fast but works well. (any comments you can post them freely)
Coalition Victory
60 Cards
Value: $51.20
The key here is speed. Just get your stuff out quick and win via Coalition Victory. Don't worry about taking damage-once you play Coalition Victory, the game is yours!
60 Cards
Value: $42.79
I have played with deck alot and i does very well. You might think about substituting in different cards if you want. Good luck and have fun playing.
Stampede Of The Wurms
67 Cards
Value: $98.23
this deck is all about getting crush of wurms and parallel evolution together and flooding your enemy with 6/6 worm tokens. with crush of wurms you put 3 6/6 wurm tokens into play and with flash back you can play it from your graveyard. so thats 6 6/6 wurm tokens in play. with parallel evolution you put a copy for each token creature in play so that is 12 6/6 token wurms in play and with flashback thats 24 6/6 t

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Archangel of Thune

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