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Decks Containing Shattering-Pulse

Dominic You Are So Egoistic Deck
60 Cards
Value: $94.73
make your opponent pay and lock him with orb.
Firey Revenge
39 Cards
Value: $7.76
Yhis deck is created for all-out instant dammage.
Can't Touch This Red Deck
30 Cards
Value: $128.56
Sliver Swarm
69 Cards
Value: $402.87
Its a 75 card deck still in the working of being decreased in the number of cards. It works fairly quick, while disabling mana from opponents.
Total Destruction
27 Cards
Value: $33.57
Dragon's Rage
40 Cards
Value: $61.99
This is a deck based on getting out high casting dragons quickly with lots of artifact mana and Zirilan Of The Claw. Stalling your opponent with the dragons
Dragon's Rage
40 Cards
Value: $134.48
This deck is based on getting out high casters relatively quick. Losing minimal life taking control of the game and winning with mulltiple attacks in a row
Dragon's Rage
40 Cards
Value: $134.48
This is based on getting out high casters relatively quick. Take minimal damage then to dominate the game and win.
Burning Beef
55 Cards
Value: $68.44
start out with some cradle guards as a defense. As soon as the other player gets out more creatures, put down ur defense and get out two beefy creatures.Then, use ur fissures and arcs to kill of some creatures ending in a clean kill. If the game last too long, put down a hollow tree or dwarven hold, keep it tapped 4 a few turns, and taget the player.The forbidding watchtowers can act as a defense and the sunweb protects u from most beefy creature.

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