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Decks Containing Savannah

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Infinite Everything
60 Cards
Value: $2640.71
have concordant crossroads, aluren, and wizard mentor in play. for infinite mana, use bops. for infinite damage have prodigal sorcerer. for infinite counters, use disruptive student. for infinite use silent attendant or venerable monk. for infinitecards use raven familiar.
60 Cards
Value: $910.84
Fires Deck
31 Cards
Value: $183.45
61 Cards
Value: $3482.36
if it goes like it could be you win, if not you have to wait a few rounds and then!!!!!
Land Control
60 Cards
Value: $787.04
" can fight a battle with limited resources. where is my power scepter?" urza to his messenger
The Correct Super Oath
60 Cards
Value: $2749.86
sorry this is the correct super oath!!!! ok now have fun
Anti-tubbies Tec
39 Cards
Value: $548.01
Abd (avatar Beat Down)
60 Cards
Value: $716.72
the ultimate beatdown you keep dropping creatures until you hit threshold then the fun begins and you can usually play might for free scince this deck has just about no creatures
Pt Junk
60 Cards
Value: $2813.58
Oops I Can Beat Necro
61 Cards
Value: $2353.46
once aluren-enduring renewal are out, you are invincible, win by generating infinite life or mana with angelic chorus or cloud of faeries, go for burn or board a capsize.
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