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Decks Containing Psychic-Venom

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This Deck Sux!
66 Cards
Value: $40.27
this deck blows i dont kno y anyone (besides me)would even bother to use a deck like this
Counter Deck
60 Cards
Value: $32.49
use this deck for countering. the combo is: memory lapse + booby trap. memory lapse a card and put out booby trap. name the card you memory lapsed. it will do 10 damage to them.
Flying Doom
74 Cards
Value: $23.83
for everyone on a budget... this one's for you :)
61 Cards
Value: $30.76
this is one of my favorite creations. Obviously blue is my favorite color. Enjoy!
Complete Control
32 Cards
Value: $8.58
psychic venom their lands and destroy the rest, then just ping the crap out of em. use the counters to quietly control and use the hellkite to rid yourself of pests
Lock Down
62 Cards
Value: $24.39
Its my first custom built deck. The main idea of this deck is to put Faerie Swarm with as much blue cards as possible. The black cards are ment to keep the opponet's creatures and mana locked up. Please rate and leave comments for upgrades. TY ^_^
Flying Doom
74 Cards
Value: $23.83
Static Squirrel
62 Cards
Value: $85.70
squirrels, opposition, static orb, need i say more? how can i improve this deck? plz e-mail at thnk you
Wrath Of The Birds!!!
74 Cards
Value: $14.74
some cards are bad, so get kangee out only if you can make the birds big.
Extremely Sadist
60 Cards
Value: $17.79
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