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Decks Containing Phyrexian-Bloodstock

58 Cards
Value: $20.19
(the first 4 cards in the sideboard should be included in the deck). this deck makes the other player discard lots of cards, does huge amounts of damage, and curses their creatures so they can't do anything about it. comboes include: lord of the pit + mortuary (infinite sacrifices) dakmor lancer + mortuary (it keeps coming back and destroys a creature each time) evil eye + unholy strength(s) (kill opponents in 4 turns or less) if you need to get rid of lord of the pit you can make him do 7 damage to himself using general's regalia, or just sacrifice it to fallen angel... finish off opponents with corrupt.
Power Pack
55 Cards
Value: $18.38
Nightmare W-new Torment Cards
40 Cards
Value: $15.02
brand new powerful black cards!
Phyrexian Invasion
80 Cards
Value: $237.09
Get out the breeding pits and use the thrulls for sacrifice to get mana. With the processor, having Life Chisel out, pay 10 life. Then, when you need it, sacrifice the tokens to get 10 life each. Combo with Onyx Talisman with any black spell to untap colossus for cheap. To win, get out your carriers. Kill all the opponets creature by sacrificing them and thrull tokens to the plague lord, then attack with colossus, dreadnaught, and hulks. If the opponent manages to survive, use the reclamations to bring back as many creatures as you can and do it again if you can afford the life loss.

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