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Decks Containing Phantom-Nantuko

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61 Cards
Value: $65.80
Multiplayer, I Win
55 Cards
Value: $129.00
dirtcowl wurm gets bigger every turn. once you get out seedborn muse, keep tapping phantom nantuko, making him bigger every turn. also, keep tapping five elves on everyone elses turn and making a 7/7 trample on everyone's turn. gain a lot of life by using wellwisher on everyone's turn.
The Forest Is Back
59 Cards
Value: $53.97
get the smaller creatures out like the wild mongrels..then when you have enough mana put out the fatties like silvos, and thorn. they will be toast about the 10 or 12 turn
Helo Mr. Elephant
62 Cards
Value: $63.78
play as many spells per turn as possible and your hand wont get finished because of the splash of blue
Phantoms Of Doom
74 Cards
Value: $59.12
very fast and damn near impossible to kill the creatures
The Deck
52 Cards
Value: $37.17
New Nantuko Deck
58 Cards
Value: $38.85
Ultimate Phantom Deck
58 Cards
Value: $44.24
any comments or suggestions?
Chubby Bunny Should Get A Life
60 Cards
Value: $35.24
Ace Of Diamonds (El-Fog)
64 Cards
Value: $92.16
This deck has earned the reputation of being annoying, pointless, unable to win, and hated by the bulk that play against it. But if this deck is created for your use it is a guarantee that the user will enjoy the time spent watching the face of the opponent slowly wither from happy to sad.
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