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Decks Containing Ornithopter

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Artifacts R' Us
60 Cards
Value: $51.16
this deck is better for multiplayer, but will work for duals. once you get one of each ursa's land out, the fun really starts. try spreading the damage and destruction around, and save the dregs for a massive blow and fill up your hand!!
Dragon Destruction
50 Cards
Value: $27.38
More Cards: 1 Lung 2 Molten Hydra This Deck Is awsome.
Ifinite Burn Deck
34 Cards
Value: $2849.58
Deus Ex Machina : Beta Version
60 Cards
Value: $84.18
It runs off Lightning Coils and Coretapper and makes decent use of the Ornithopter/Cranial Plating combo that used to be used in lighter versions of the Afinity deck. I runs Myr for land backup in case Ponza is around and Power Conduit to pull strength increasing or decreasing combat tricks as well as minar chargeups. The Sculpting Steel's are for coppying Cranial Platings and Coretappers. Since I sided in the red fatties and did away with the inferior blue control element I have no sideboard, I look forward to suggestions as to the sideboard contents. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy this build. Sincerelly, Datamaster Serialxlain
Real Affinity, Some Suggestions As Well
61 Cards
Value: $277.45
your deck is a start, but you need more than one broodstar, 4 enforcers and mites, and you need glimmervoids. this deck can lay out 5+ artifacts a turn with the right cards, and a massive broodstar regardless. plus the entire deck is mirrodin.
Titans Rage
57 Cards
Value: $68.29
think about it. u get 9/9 trample with three mana, thats pretty cheap. or 5/5 flying with two mana.this deck gets u big creatures really fast and even better make them almost invincible if u give them aboshan desire.
43 Cards
Value: $58.30
6 Islands 10 Forests 1 Mountain 1 Plains 1 Swamp Defense of the Heart is the key, brings out blazing Archon / Mindleech Mass. The dragons spring up surprisingly easy, i usually get at least 3 out per game, the mana artifacts speed it up significantly and the Dream Thrushes compensate for not drawing every color mana.
Quick Metal
59 Cards
Value: $7026.88
This deck uses cheap creatures and high mana gain to swing at turn 2 or 3. Lightning Greaves/ Paradise Mantle combo is key.
Infinite Everything
54 Cards
Value: $102.28
sacrifice an ornithopter to ashnod's altar. add 2 mana. you get it back to your hand, with enduring renewal. repeat. use alabaster potions, and other x spells such as blaze, for infinite damage or life. a howl from beyond can create an ornithopter from hell...
Alittle Bit Of Fun
60 Cards
Value: $204.38
it might start off alittle slow but after a while it will all come together!!!!!!!!!!!!
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