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Decks Containing Mana-Short

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Tap - Control
62 Cards
Value: $125.52
Control your opponent tapping her creatures, lands, etc With Static Orb and control it with Lodostone Myr This deck have destroyed Psycathoegs, Controls, goblins, even ravagers.
Illisions Of Bouncing
84 Cards
Value: $142.54
bounce stuff back to activate the black vise and if that doesn't kill'm donating the illusions will!
Make Everyone Angry
60 Cards
Value: $79.54
this deck makes people mad. you just take away ther lands and get yours back then hit them with your creatures and raise your own life and use the celestial convergence.and no one can do anything because of all the counters. and its not a very expensive deck.
56 Cards
Value: $162.65
i nice way to slow down the game
Perfect Stasis
64 Cards
Value: $514.71
use the tradewind to return the stasis and the free creatures will help you cast the tradewind rider early in the game.
White Weenie Blue Control
59 Cards
Value: $65.51
Tri Lock Dowm
63 Cards
Value: $1364.35
60 Cards
Value: $4468.99
once the moat and ivory mask are out you opponent will want to give up. then give them the stasis for good measure.
57 Cards
Value: $67.50
its jus plain affinity, needs work, but its alright
60 Cards
Value: $35.85
basically, anything they play is used against them. creatures get seizures/betrayal, and power sink not only counters, but now deals pain with psychic venom. the skull of orm allows the enchantments to be retreived from your graveyard.
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