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Decks Containing Mana-Clash

Game Of Chance
58 Cards
Value: $69.60
i just made this deck up...i don't even own most of these cards...just thought i could be a cool deck. if you have a filp a coin deck that works really well plz post it.:p
Beat This!
41 Cards
Value: $227.77
try to use your cards quickly so when you get out an ensnaring bridge your opponent won't be able to attack with big creatures.
Shut Yo Mouth And Flip
60 Cards
Value: $71.28
so much fun to play, that god came back in physical form just to do so.
Somethin To Throw Together
64 Cards
Value: $73.77
Resource Denial
74 Cards
Value: $91.08
This deck's strength is keeping the opponent from having land to cast spells. The collective damage that one would get from the dingus eggs will kill the opponent by itself but the dirct damage helps too.
Burn Baby Burn (please Comment)
60 Cards
Value: $56.99
I would like to know what anyone thinks about my deck. I've work long and hard to put it together and I would like the opinion of other Magic fans. Please post a response

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Archangel of Thune

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