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Decks Containing Llanowar-Elves

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Squirrel Craft, The Mesa Craft Of Today
64 Cards
Value: $410.60
64 card deck, unlimited squirrels if you play right. fervor, squirrel nest, and earthcraft. boom!
Dillo Cloak Deck---------Help Me Make Improvements
61 Cards
Value: $30.33
Play this deck to gain life, get big creatures, get fast mana,get Enchantment destroyng and most of all win
Green Beat Yo Ass Down!
60 Cards
Value: $61.76
This is a good deck of mine that has one a couple of tournaments. Hey Galahad! I'm not taking sides or anything but I think Ray and Dustin are right. Think about some of the bullshit decks on this site and think about what he is saying. I don't think he is trying to be a prick, he's simply stating a fact.
Elf Combo
56 Cards
Value: $99.28
Just fast elf combo, tons and fast mana with titania/archdruid. If you get Staff of Domination + Titania/Archidruid and 5 elfs you almost won the game..
Multiplayer, I Win
55 Cards
Value: $129.00
dirtcowl wurm gets bigger every turn. once you get out seedborn muse, keep tapping phantom nantuko, making him bigger every turn. also, keep tapping five elves on everyone elses turn and making a 7/7 trample on everyone's turn. gain a lot of life by using wellwisher on everyone's turn.
Squirrel Mafia
66 Cards
Value: $252.72
there are a few combos in this deck. one of them, is the squirrel nest&earthcraft combo. its just like a paralell evoltion every turn. and u only need to tap one land!!! paralell evolutions are to be used the turn after you bring a deranged hermit into play. and only play squirrel nest after you have at least one squirrel mob out.
Overwhelming Stampede
60 Cards
Value: $60.18
How could I improve this deck?
Tri Death
69 Cards
Value: $44.15
Slow start but great deck for me
70 Cards
Value: $94.69
The goal of this deck is to burn the opponent to death, or beat them to death with huge creatures, whichever happens first (or even a combination). A few of the creatures are meant to help me stall while I build up mana for a bigger combo, such as Wall of Stone or Adamaro, First to Desire and should come out early on. With the help of Myojin of Life's Web, I can summon my large creatures for free. Spellbreaker Behemoth keeps them from being countered. A combo I included is with Jolrael, Empress of Beasts and Jaya Ballard, Task Mage. I turn all target opponents land to creatures with Jolrael, and destroy them using Jaya, while doing damage to the opponent.
Elves And A Collosus- What A Team!
58 Cards
Value: $72.26
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