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Decks Containing Kird-Ape

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Giant Midget
63 Cards
Value: $847.03
giant midget deck. i think you get the point. little creatures become huge all in one move. quick stunning kill.
House Of Pain
58 Cards
Value: $3348.35
First Turn Is Game
56 Cards
Value: $47.00
firt if you have a perfect hand wich would be 4 black lotus, 1 biorythm, 1 counterspell, 1 forest all you have to do is play all black lotus and the forest then tap them all too call out kird ape and biorythm and if they try to hit you or you guy just with the remaing mana use and play counterspell, if you dont have the perfect hand just use the vampiric and diabolic toturs to get what you need, and yes yes i know its illegal but still it is unbeatable!! you can email me at
44 Cards
Value: $1356.14
fork fork frok fork....berserk berserk berserk berserk....ball lightning=1536 damage...ouch
60 Cards
Value: $1769.80
gotta love it ........its illegal not to mike
67 Cards
Value: $128.62
it's all about burning and trampling
Best Of The Best
60 Cards
Value: $770.38
channlefireball combo kirdape aiga combo black lotusall lightning combo lots of good combos in this deck, tell me if you think theres something out there that can beat this deck. deftoned38
Over Kill
55 Cards
Value: $35.59
hard to beat, but easy to win with
Land Destruction
60 Cards
Value: $393.47
Enhar'em Burem
62 Cards
Value: $402.20
This Deck just totally kicks anyones ass because it so fast fast have fun
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