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Decks Containing Intruder-Alarm

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Intruding Dragon-squirrels
60 Cards
Value: $205.19
make infinite squirrels with intruder alarm and squirrel nest then overrun for a lot of damage
Quick Metal
59 Cards
Value: $7026.88
This deck uses cheap creatures and high mana gain to swing at turn 2 or 3. Lightning Greaves/ Paradise Mantle combo is key.
B-g Standard Squirrels
60 Cards
Value: $210.74
64 Cards
Value: $145.74
Infinite Damage
60 Cards
Value: $268.64
first get birds of paradise and shyshroud claim to get mana accel. then use the poacher to get the deranged hermit out and minus one mana cost(he has fading). then use tim, aluren, intruder alarm, and man o' war to get infinite damage.
Volrath's Stronghold
58 Cards
Value: $662.72
i messed up on the first stronghold deck
60 Cards
Value: $210.85
take names and kick ass.
Turbo Hippo
59 Cards
Value: $401.96
Turn 1: Forest, Birds. Turn 2: Island, Show & Tell, Questing Phelddagrif Turn 3: Land, Intruder alram. You tap the birds, +1/+1, opponent gets a 1/1, untap birds (intruder alarm), repeat. 20/20 Phelddagrif, Use Birds to give it flying, you win!
Tap 1 Damage Super DECK
63 Cards
Value: $43.84
mail me : tauros71
Impenetrable Red
93 Cards
Value: $57.33
This deck gets it's kicks from its unstoppable direct damage, but it is a great anti-creature deck too. Fend off your opponent's creatures with counterspells,unsummons,and an intruder alarm. If you have an Aether storm in play, just unsummon a creature to get it off your back. If none o
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