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Decks Containing Graypelt-Refuge

Foggius Maximus
59 Cards
Value: $333.94
Good? Bad? Could be better? Let me know. It's worked well so far.
60 Cards
Value: $219.78
The whole purpose of this deck is to get as many Planeswalkers on the field fighting for you as fast as possible. And just to stave off the inevitable comments, the Planeswalkers need to stay in the deck.
Fogius Maximus
59 Cards
Value: $333.94
Whenever the sideboard is used, I take out anything involving green mana and make it an Esper mill deck. Please, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.
The Pride Of Nature
47 Cards
Value: $217.28
The Pirde Of Nature
56 Cards
Value: $246.91

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