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Decks Containing Goblin-Wizard

Now Those Are Some Big Goblins
60 Cards
Value: $135.90
Safa's Pet Goblins
60 Cards
Value: $146.23
goblins don't necicarily need to be fast... wait no yes they do
Goblin Horde
40 Cards
Value: $40.71
this is the red deck again not competitive. see the yavimaya deck list.
David's Goblin Army
55 Cards
Value: $97.17
The Following Deck Is Rated Pg-13 Due To Goblins
59 Cards
Value: $130.38
Goblin Over Run
62 Cards
Value: $127.02
It\'s job is to get alot of creatures out as fast as possible. If you have any ideas to make it better,or comments E-Mail me at Mr.Socko
Goblin Killers
60 Cards
Value: $165.26
it works basically like this. attack with the lackey, and throw the marshal into play. Use the tokens to goblin grenade them, and use the trumpet blast for all your creatures. This deck has a 25-1 record, and usally has a 3rd-6th turn win.
Tiss The Goblins!!!
56 Cards
Value: $103.46
wee! loads of fun!

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