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Decks Containing Go-for-the-Throat

Needs Help Structuring Deck
65 Cards
Value: $50.03
Any help where to go with this will do. I often use the Go for the Throats to destroy creatures right away to build up my side of creatures, put out a Hand of Praetors which gives +1 +1 to all creatures with infect/ which are most of my creatures then deal as much damage as possible either winning by infection or health reduction..i need a lot of help with this deck. Thanks
Demons Of Skirsdag
60 Cards
Value: $46.75
Your army builds fast... The O Rings are good for things like swords, War and Peace, etc. massive creature control is helpfull in both slowing your opponant down and popping your morbid abilities. Sorin is for emblems and quick 1/1\\\'s... don\\\'t be affraid to pay two life for vault skirge. it is posible to have a 5/5 flying deamon 3rd turn. 1st: play a land and creature, 2nd: play skirsdag, 3rd play a 1 casting cot=st creature, by now the should have a creature out in which you use your remaining two mane to play a kill spell on it. then tap your three creatures for a demon. this is veary effective... alson try to play angelic destany on somthing with lifelink, vault skirge or a 1/1 vampire token created by sorin... the most expensive cards in this deck are isolated chapel, angelic destany, and sorin, lord of innistrad. good luck hope it works for ya like mine did.
Vampiric Destruction
41 Cards
Value: $229.29
feel free to share your opinion
Kiss Blood
62 Cards
Value: $76.53

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