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Decks Containing Gaea-sq-s-Might

The Efls
68 Cards
Value: $46.25
this deck is good far fast fights. all the cratures are cheep
Very Smart Genius Deck Of Doom
60 Cards
Value: $28.24
a good basic multi colour deck changes can be made for more creatures or to have more control. since you pump out alot of mana a good idea is to put in some molimo, mar sorcerer.
Color Frenzy
58 Cards
Value: $31.85
its a great multi color deck: plz comment
70 Cards
Value: $35.54
domain at it's finest.....
67 Cards
Value: $31.04
kick butt, domain deck! it plays around basic land types and has a way of sneeking up and biting you.
Dragon Run
43 Cards
Value: $46.22
This is the kind of deck where people go "F**k" almost every turn after the fourth. Just remove the Alexcei's Cloak, and the Relic Ward to make it Type II legal.
The True Beatdown
58 Cards
Value: $89.54
based of everything in the deck costing one mana except for sideboard, the deck is a very competitive deck and does good in tournaments

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