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Decks Containing Furnace-Dragon

Red Deck With Artifact Help
64 Cards
Value: $44.92
Its a artifact and land destroyer deck. This is my first time to work with a Red Deck. I hope its good and does good.
57 Cards
Value: $67.50
its jus plain affinity, needs work, but its alright
Reign Of Fire
75 Cards
Value: $100.08
make sure you keep the myrs alive till you can play the dragons even if it means you have to take some damage trust me it works
60 Cards
Value: $83.95
This deck is about getting big threats out. There's no cheap creatures, so you may take a few hits, but by turn 4 you should stabilize with a nice shivan dragon, and soon you'll be sickening your opponent when you morph the hellkites and out yet more dragons into play. Acceleration like Sisay's Ring and Seething Song should help, and Slice and Dice is there to remove your opponents creatures. Lightning Greaves protects dragons from things like Terror and Whirlwind. In the sideboard are myr if you want that litle more acceleration (or some blocking buying time :P) and some dragons for you to mix and match with. Dragonstorm isn't in the main deck because it can sometimes be a dead draw in your hand early on. Just try differnt stuff out, and have fun!

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Archangel of Thune

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