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Decks Containing Fog-Bank

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58 Cards
Value: $19.50
Need Help
82 Cards
Value: $3012.82
this is a good deck but its to big. help!!!
A Good, Inexpensive Deck
67 Cards
Value: $47.61
this is a 75 card deck that anyone can make. it costs very little money and its pretty good. basically, you pull out rebels really fast and counter stuff. eventually, you'll come accros an elemental or an angel and its game over. if you have a lot of money, you can switch ramosian sky marshall for lin sivvi and some of you're weaker rebels for cho-arrim bruiser, jhovall queen, or cho-manno, revolutionary. **the cards in the sideboard are actually in the deck, there just wasn't enough space.**
I Laugh At Your Patheticness
65 Cards
Value: $1209.81
its funny as hell to gain control of the opponents creatures with a reins of power and then sac them for a dracoplasm whilst taking back your creatures with a brand and end up getting a 40/42 dracoplasm.
Best Deck Ever... Really
49 Cards
Value: $810.81
when you play with this deck, you can't be defeated.. but you can win either... so you must concede... have fun!
Flooded Woodlands
68 Cards
Value: $29.44
i think it runs pretty smoothly but who knows. rate it.
Walls Are Kewl
71 Cards
Value: $33.13
xthtxfyghhncgngnfc up your butt sucker
Slow But Fast
59 Cards
Value: $105.13
This deck is not fast but not very slow also. It can beat it's enemy as faster than can you think.
60 Cards
Value: $105.68
This deck is not very fast but it can counter everything and beat the opponent by drawing cards. Also it can defend any kind of attacks from the opponent.
Library Of Can The Battlemage
60 Cards
Value: $179.78
Counter based distrupting deck
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