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Decks Containing Flickering-Ward

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Gw Direct Life Tell Me What You Think
45 Cards
Value: $28.42
i just made this deck, tell me your opinions on possible changes or addition. if you have any please e-mail me at
Ancestral Enchantress
60 Cards
Value: $188.10
Play a Mesa or Verduran Enchantress and start with the enchanting. Hang onto Replenish and at least one creature if you suspect your opponent has a Wrath of God up his sleeve or some other world-blow up. You can typically get a couple of powerhouses by turn 5 or so. I've had it over by turn 6.
60 Cards
Value: $98.48
Pretty Good White Deck
60 Cards
Value: $98.95
the main point about this deck is to protect your creatures until you can slap down a worship (which usually wins the game). the knights and orders are pretty good cards for only 2 white mana and the crusades and the swords can help you stall for time if you need it. adding artifacts which can help you draw cards (scroll rack, enlightened tutor, etc.) will help with this deck.
Haven Of Destruction
60 Cards
Value: $64.61
use the chaplain/entangler combo, that way you are protected from creature damage. use pariah wisely, and once you get serra angel out, get her in protection and start dealing out some punishment.
Protect And Regeneration
77 Cards
Value: $55.51
Green And White Alliance
60 Cards
Value: $100.01
Good deck of control/attack...if you have any suggestions...
Stuff And Stuff
61 Cards
Value: $29.38
its stuff that i have,but, try it.
60 Cards
Value: $63.97
This deck is pretty expensive. the point is to get crusades out and have a bunch of BIG first strke guys out. nothing cost too much so u dont need much mana. if you can get the praiah and flickering ward combo, your opponent is most likely dead. nothing really to say but this deck can hella woop @$$
Stupid Pz Off White Weenie
60 Cards
Value: $32.65
it costs less than 10 bucks, and it kicks ass!!! *really cheap and it pisses people off*
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