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Decks Containing Fleetfoot-Panther

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43 Cards
Value: $229.11
it's fairly quick. get out the combos. can win by turn 3.
This Deck Sucks
60 Cards
Value: $49.54
a perfect combination of nature's creature and power.
Carnival Of Contemplation
60 Cards
Value: $216.92
give it a try!!!
Armadillo Willow
60 Cards
Value: $37.15
Fleetfoot Fury
54 Cards
Value: $57.56
play pipers thenput down thicket's to bring out more creatures then use fleetfoot panther to use thicket again.
Cleopatra Coming Atcha...
60 Cards
Value: $97.94
um.... robin weller is a git
Please Comment
59 Cards
Value: $138.10
Legendary Legend Deck (Please Comment)
59 Cards
Value: $87.56
This deck works really well and the only card i don't have that i would put in it if i had was coat of arms because i get a lot of saprolings.
Ryan's Kick Ass Green And White Deck(Panthers)
60 Cards
Value: $68.14
Pretty good, very fast for a white and green deck.
Scout Deck
51 Cards
Value: $31.54
Its not the Fastest deck but once you get it setup its hard to beat
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