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Decks Containing Fiery-Temper

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59 Cards
Value: $29.46
this was made in just 7 min and its pretty good.
Genesis Meets Flametongue Kavu
56 Cards
Value: $78.54
60 Cards
Value: $124.04
the aquamoeba and the lavamancer are the key creatures of the deck. you can discard the temper or the eruption to save lots of mana and burn quickly. the grim lavamancer could help you block and do 2 damage for 1 mana. you can also discard the circular logic with the aqua's ability before doing the lavamancer thing. just in case your oppnent isn't dead by the 4th turn, you can blaze them. this deck isn't every expensive! about 35 dollars at most including all the cards.
57 Cards
Value: $129.32
first turn manabond, then drop land and discard your madness to win, its cool. also, j something with they psychatog deck, its good, but put in repulse instead of unsummon and put in upheaval! play upheaval float 2 mana, play a land, then play a psychatgo, next turn discard 8 cards to it them remove lots of stuff 2 win
Its Gettn Hot In Her'
60 Cards
Value: $39.90
This Is Madness! This Is SPARTA!!!
60 Cards
Value: $37.11
This deck is crazy!....i know bad pun...
Unsightly Counter-burn
64 Cards
Value: $37.75
some of the cards may look like they don't belong but trust me it works....
Pure Red Fast
85 Cards
Value: $129.71
Deck I have in my mind but not pocket...I am interested in you thoughts about this one...
Pure Red Fast
58 Cards
Value: $99.12
This is just deck I have in my head, not pocket...I am curious what you think of it
Mountain Massacre
55 Cards
Value: $61.42
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