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Decks Containing Energy-Chamber

Bringers Of The 5th Dawn
62 Cards
Value: $75.07
This deck is pritty fast. I have biult it to fight against heavy hitters decks and weeny deck alike. The only thing bad about the deck is either finding all the card and\\or buying them online. Most of the time I can have two or three bringers by the 7th turn and a lot of little blockers.
Artifact Chaos
60 Cards
Value: $244.95
I love this deck... little complicated for beginners but fun, quick, and powerful.
Spark Of Denial
52 Cards
Value: $72.46
Modified Sunburst Deck
57 Cards
Value: $94.17
Beyond Modular - Rev3.1
64 Cards
Value: $398.01
What to say? Standard modular creature stuff... keep more than one modular creature in play at all times... don't be afraid to lose a few... build bigger creatures till you can smack your opponent back into the stone age. Failing that use you Dismantles to get your counters onto the Darksteel Reactor... or Arcbound Ravager together with doubling season to create a 200/200 creature or three... or use Tinker or Trash for Treasure to get Darksteel Colossus out for some 11/11 Trampling goodness or to put Mycosynth Golem into play so you can play everything else pretty much for free and just overwhelm your opponent with an army of modular madness. Get myrs out quickly to play early creatures and Tezzeret to untap them for two extra mana a turn. Tezzeret also serves as an improvised Tinker to get out your big/big beatsticks early and Hypergenesis to keep them out of your hand. Use Muddle the Mixtures to go searching for myrs or modular critters. Last but not least don't forget that doubling season doubles ALL counters... include the ones moved via the Modular mechanic, the one created by dismantal, the ones moved/converted by Energy Chamber, the ones that come into play on vivid lands, and even the loyalty counters for Tezzeret the Seeker. No matter how many times I play this deck I always learn something new about it that I never intentionally put in it. One of my definite favorites. To make it Extended legal just remove Tinker.
Sun To Sun
61 Cards
Value: $107.39
Deus Ex Machina
60 Cards
Value: $78.72
This deck is ALL about the counter manipulation babay! The lynch pins of this deck are: 1) Power Conduit 2) Spawning Pit 3) Coretapper 4) Sculpting Steel 5) Lightning Coils 6) Energy Chamber 7) Talon of Pain
Slith Deck
60 Cards
Value: $638.20
I don't know much about slith but my friend said that it was pitty mean so I put in on the site.
Time Bomb
64 Cards
Value: $109.56
Use Arcum and Myr Servitor to get out Darksteel Reactor, Energy Chamber, and Darksteel Forge. Make sure you have out 2 myrs to do the combo right. Paradox Haze gives you two upkeeps for the reactor with the energy chambers and the infiltrator il-kor. banshees blade can be put on almost and creature.(preferably the il-kor). kinda slow play but its like a bomb and builds up suspence for the other player to kill you. Please help me make this better.

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