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Decks Containing Elvish-Lookout

The "common" Deck
56 Cards
Value: $33.01
i call this deck the common deck because originally all of its cards were commons. however it is a superb deck.
Bug And Elf
38 Cards
Value: $33.40
mana mana mana mana and mana then pump upp the killer bees to a 2020
Green As Hell
56 Cards
Value: $27.76
not much to say, just something I whiped together.
40 Cards
Value: $36.97
this deck
Titania Bargin
60 Cards
Value: $76.36
I can almost always play this deck with only 4 lands down. I use them to play elves and POT for all my mana. Then I use the mana to lay down big creatures and kill the aponent.
Green Weenie
60 Cards
Value: $36.48
first you get out the smal dudes. then cast the beast of berden so it will be huge. If they have no flying in their deck you sideboard in the silk net and give the beast flying.
60 Cards
Value: $781.98
This is the best deck 4- ever!!!!!
The Day The Elves Took Over
83 Cards
Value: $112.16
This Deck kick's tremendous Elf butt!!!!! Eldamri, Lord of Leaves is the best for Elves! Pull him out and all Elves gain Forestwalk and all Elves can't be the terget of sp
60 Cards
Value: $34.68
This deck holds a lot of enchant creatures. That makes creatures stronger then they allready are. Elvish Lookout and Pouncing Jaguar are good buissnies too.
Squirrl And Elf Control
32 Cards
Value: $52.20
is more of a control deck while slowly making armies when attack it is "train up"

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