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Decks Containing Dralnu-sq-s-Pet

Black And Blue
60 Cards
Value: $55.50
64 cards. a couple of combos dranlu's with draco & morality shift with mortal combat
68 Cards
Value: $72.80
Dralnu's Pet
60 Cards
Value: $54.72
The Alliance
65 Cards
Value: $59.14
"All Dominarians agreed on one thing: they would not go down without a fight." -(Strength of Unity)
Creatures Of The Deep!
60 Cards
Value: $22.43
All I do is get out creatures and take my opponents creatures.I use Shifting Sky to change the colors to black.Then I use possessed Aven's special effect when he has threshold to destroy my opponents monsters.
Volrath's Revenge Aka: Kill In 3 Turns
46 Cards
Value: $2532.38
turn#1: swamp turn#2: swamp, 2 dark ritual, volrath the fallen turn#3: sac. draco, attack 22/20 volrath
Gallant Hero's Pet Deck
64 Cards
Value: $33.47
the basis is to kill your opponents creatures as well as countering thier spells, until you can pull out dralnu's pet discard draco, and bitch slap them for 18 damage. -hero

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