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Decks Containing Death-Watch

Legends All The Way
63 Cards
Value: $68.03
you need to be lucky about the lands, but the creatures just pop right up.
Great Black Deck!i!i!
60 Cards
Value: $37.79
great combos in this deck.not too slow but not that fastest deck there ever was and can stand against most deck.still testing it out.
The Deck Of The Gods
60 Cards
Value: $43.34
the second of my green and black decks the first was sadly stolen....
Improved Disector
64 Cards
Value: $40.60
Pay ten life to processor. Make creatures from it repeatedly with voltaic keys and sacrifice them to either life chisel or to the altar to kill opponents library. If you have like 50 life and the second processor in hand, cast it and pay 40 life. Then you can really destroy yhe deck. Also use reins of power to gain control of opponents creatures and sacrifice them instead.
Dissection (please Comment)
78 Cards
Value: $31.34
Yes, I know that this deck is not legal but I don't play in sanctioned tournaments. This deck's purpose is to prevent the opponent from getting key cards, ever. It's only damage dealing card is Death Watch. If you have any ideas, post them, please.

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Archangel of Thune

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