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Decks Containing Death-Spark

Simply Put... Goblins.
40 Cards
Value: $44.39
with this 40 card casual play deck, you'll be so fast with those goblins that your opponent won't know what hit them. drop a raging goblin first turn, second turn, another rg with a goblin grenade. that's already 8 damage in two turns. why only forty cards? you'll win in under four at the most if you play fast. that's what red's all about!
Fires Of B
58 Cards
Value: $53.98
classic red direct damage deck, and of coarse save the fireballs for creatures only (unless thats the only spell you have that will surely kill'em)
Solid Goblin Burn
60 Cards
Value: $95.82
InstaKill By The Junk Yard Dog
60 Cards
Value: $36.30
Play'm all as fast as you get them to keep the beatdown on. For some backup on the C.O.P. reds I included some Disenchants and some plains. So if you hear your opponet laughing evilly and laying down a C.O.P. then you can laugh evilly right back and turn him into mush!!!
Crash And Burn
60 Cards
Value: $61.26
big burn spells are the heart of this deck. there are a few good blockers like storm shaman, and the walking walls. the soul burns can be used to gain some life if you get down quickly. and if you get in big trouble, use jokullaups to basically start all over agian. this deck will be fast and effective.

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