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Decks Containing Daru-Cavalier

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45 Cards
Value: $12.53
Soldier Deck
55 Cards
Value: $20.67
I Say This Deck Sucks
60 Cards
Value: $29.53
White God Deck
68 Cards
Value: $15.69
this deck is currently 10-2 due to
How Patriotic...
58 Cards
Value: $35.28
The Super Soldiers
56 Cards
Value: $25.07
it kicks total booty
Where Has My Life Gone
60 Cards
Value: $103.05
Some things about this deck are pretty obvious. Don't expect a lot from the flier category. Avatar of Hope, Ironfist Crusher and wall of glare certainly go well with Sandskin and Inviolability.
Where Has My Life Gone
51 Cards
Value: $101.02
Mason's Soldier Deck
56 Cards
Value: $22.19
very good deck. use mirari's wake to double your mana pool, get out daru warchief and mobilization. 2/2 soldiers for 1 mana. plus even stronger if cr
62 Cards
Value: $26.70
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