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Decks Containing Craw-Wurm

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Burn 'n Might
50 Cards
Value: $42.33
this deck is a real quick kill it take health to one if cards are drawn right and magnivore gets to a 10/10 creature
The Ultimate Wurm Deck !
75 Cards
Value: $69.24
this deck is realy strong because almost all the wurms have trample,the one who does'nt have it,just do overrun and they got problems whit flyng ?spidersilk armor will boost your toughness and will make you able to block flyng.problem whit winnies?the dd is there for the way it's an expensive deck.good for casual play but to slow for tournaments(75 cards)
Beast, Wurms, Elves, Apes, Oh Sh*t
70 Cards
Value: $31.92
lots of power and if u get the life cards at the right time you can get over 100 extra life points try it sometime
Disney Deck
53 Cards
Value: $42.26
welcome to the wonderful world of disney. featured in this deck are the starts of lion king, jungle book, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, and aladdin
53 Cards
Value: $23.29
The Elves Have Always Helped The Wurms
60 Cards
Value: $29.57
this deck is royal...oh yeah
73 Cards
Value: $25.91
Wurm Army
59 Cards
Value: $38.52
Green Hell
63 Cards
Value: $41.30
first build up with spells like wild growth. then you play a huge creature early. next deliver a beatdown !!!!! it has won many a duel!
Green Hell
59 Cards
Value: $40.69
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