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Decks Containing Collective-Restraint

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3 Color Stall Deck
66 Cards
Value: $221.58
Destructive Defence
45 Cards
Value: $40.30
T2 Infinite Mana Engine!
64 Cards
Value: $120.92
the combo is 2x cunning wish, 2x early harvest, and 1x holistic wisdom. figure it out for yourselves.
Final Domain
60 Cards
Value: $69.69
ok a final version of domain, i dont think it can be tweaked anymore.
Colors Of Victory
52 Cards
Value: $95.18
this is my main deck, so don't laugh at my puniness! there are some cards i couldn't fit up top, so here they are. 2x diabolic tutor,2x death grasp, orim's chant,ancestral tibute, and 2x tramatize. i hear that laughing!!!
Cromaterial Beatdown
60 Cards
Value: $140.80
protect the arch with mystic snake. focus on cromat's abilities to regenerate and escape to the top of your library. then your openent will most likely think its worthless to target him. gate back mystic snake when the croc. or wurm show up. play your creatures on your oppents turn with dragon arch, during combat, so you can drop unexpected blockers. good luck
5-c-tomb (type 2)
60 Cards
Value: $301.64
"a grave is the safest place to store ill-gotten treasures." -(entomb)
5-c-tomb (type 2)
60 Cards
Value: $301.64
"a grave is the safest place to store ill-gotten treasures." -(entomb)
T2 Squee
60 Cards
Value: $64.55
its basic domain except i mainboard destructive flow instead of global ruin, it is much better. most people dont use tribal flames or wandering stream either, but wandering stream has saved me many times and i have finished the person off with tribal flames a few times too.
Domain (ibc Formatted)
60 Cards
Value: $69.90
"the earth shook, the sky rained fire, and it seemed the world was ending." -benalish refugee (global ruin)
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