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Lockdown (No Customs)
64 Cards
Value: $24.20
A rough draft, will probably update it as I go along. NO CUSTOMS, PURELY MAGIC 2011!
Type 1/Type 2 Mix-up Blue
70 Cards
Value: $70.22
A blue deck that focuses on blue's strengths of flying creatures, drawing cards, countering spells, and gaining control of opponent's creatures. Like all my decks, it is purely casual playing.
Blue Devastation
66 Cards
Value: $19.56
This deck requires strategy. It is good with team battles.
Four Horsemen
51 Cards
Value: $132.84
Note the side deck in this is part of my actual deck...ran out of room LOL. The Eldrazi Spawn are tokens.
Mike's Mad Mind Funeral
60 Cards
Value: $192.43
This deck seems to work O.K. I just can't seem to last long enough to mill my opponent. I need help vs; Bant, Faeries, pretty much any rush type of deck. Any suggestions?
Chaos In Full Color
49 Cards
Value: $41.59
This Deck is a 5-color experimental deck. All of the cards listed are in one large deck as opposed to a sideboard. It has several different strategies included with a few game-changing combos. There are 20 basic lands total consisting of at least 3 of each land. I find a new (good) combo everytime I use this deck.
My Turn?
64 Cards
Value: $498.84
This deck contains counter spells and an infinite turn combo. The combo is with Panoptic Mirror and time walk/warp. The Prodigal Sorcerers are there to finish off your opponent.
Plax Vat
61 Cards
Value: $75.92
Counters Pelling Machine Gun
40 Cards
Value: $55.12
This is an old deck i used to you. trying to get back into magic, so any suggestions would be welcome.
Experiment Mod
60 Cards
Value: $150.08
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