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Decks Containing Cabal-Slaver

Destorying Death
48 Cards
Value: $14.37
it is very good i haven't lost with it yet
B&b Punisher
63 Cards
Value: $14.71
i have had 2 versions of this deck. the first was beat 1 time by another blue&black deck, and the second was beat twice by a blue&black creature/counterspell deck.
Learn The New Goblin Chant
60 Cards
Value: $122.88
Goblin Pyrobidding
57 Cards
Value: $180.08
Old fashioned goblin bidding but w/ a twist. Use the pyromancer to finish the game by boosting all the goblins. If you don't succeed, just sac it to the grave so its other ability won't take effect. Use cabal to take out their hand and skullclamp to constantly sac creatures for cards/damage w/ sharpshooter.
B&b Punisher
55 Cards
Value: $13.73

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