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Decks Containing Bounty-Hunter

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Chainers Nightmares
68 Cards
Value: $113.06
this deck is based on the odyssey books and chainers nightmare. its basically a nightmare creature destruction deck. the beauty of it tho, is with chainer you can kill a opponents creature then bring it back as your own creature. drain life is in it to counter act chainers ability, and braids is in there just because she was a dementia caster also... and it is a fun card. also i know i cant have 2 legends out... i
My Creature Destruction
63 Cards
Value: $22.44
54 Cards
Value: $61.07
it destroys everything
Mana Float
61 Cards
Value: $45.78
besides the 20 lands and 20 destroy lands, you can put in any black, red, or artifact cards other than them to make your deck work
Big Deck
76 Cards
Value: $65.01
no sideboard been meaning to cut down the deck
Back Again
63 Cards
Value: $48.34
Mutha Fucking Deck
60 Cards
Value: $47.72
nick always wins, no matter what, mutha fucka
Creature Destruction
52 Cards
Value: $20.32
Big Bad Boys
62 Cards
Value: $35.61
In most battles i have i have around sixty life due to congragrates. And then i get serra avetar as a 60 60 and give her sleepers guile a
77 Cards
Value: $74.43
Set up to steal life from creatures and players, with Spirit of the night, Bounty Hunter, Diabolic Edict, Tainted AEther, and No mercy as creature killers. For fun Grindstones or Alter of Dementias and shades can be added, but then Tainted AEther must leave. Also Shauku can easily be added, and her upkeep means nothing when done with her, sac her to Tainted AEther for SotN, Infernal Tribute, or to herself.
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