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Decks Containing Blue-Elemental-Blast

Wet Destruction!
45 Cards
Value: $24.12
a really fun deck with lots of changing... change the color, blast it up, block with oraxid, use recall and blast it up again! as a sideboard you could use more creatures, just in a case that you would play against a mono-red deck.
This'll Beat That So Pay Me
80 Cards
Value: $128.62
Counter anything and gain life with the drain lifes.
The Magical Color Shifting Machine
60 Cards
Value: $813.49
Color specific cards suddenly become useless at the feet of the machine (it doesn't really have feet). Use cards like Flash fires in CoOperation with MAgical hack to destroy all of their lands, and counter everything they can bring out using counterspells or the Elemental blast/magical hack combination. This will give you ample time to bring out your big creatures. Smaller creatures should all have land walk, because mind bend or magical hack can turn that into the walk of your cho
A Good Idea
60 Cards
Value: $1404.84
use thoughtlace , chaoslace, and distorting lens to change the color of perminents. then use the blasts to destroy everything they have in play, and counter all of their spells. all of for only the price of 1 mana.

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