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Decks Containing Ben-h-Ben-c--Akki-Hermit

His Infernal Majesty
76 Cards
Value: $87.60
This is the best burn deck you have ever seen. You may want to add some more creatures, but the Ben-Ben, Akki Poet and the Sandstorm should be lethal with the correct mana boost.
His Infernal Majesty (Fixed)
78 Cards
Value: $93.50
To find out about this deck you must see the \"wrong version\". When I say sandstorm I mean Searing Wind.
Advanced Weaponry
60 Cards
Value: $79.20
Just a gunner... Use your Goblin Sharpshooter effectively by destroying the creatures that your opponent has left with your blasters... And pump your Spikeshot Goblin with Granite Grip, Crown of Flames, and Downhill Charge... And then SOMEONE plays Furnace of Rath! :o
Satanic Ogre-Rat (continued)
10 Cards
Value: $3.40
These are the last 10 cards in my deck. I couldn't fit them on the first page.
Takein Life And Gettin It
110 Cards
Value: $381.50
i made it to play aroun with my cousn but it kicked the crap of his elves and verthing else if you use this deck right ull win alot

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