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Decks Containing Badlands

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Black - Red Piss'em Off Deck
62 Cards
Value: $1327.49
somewhat of a weenie deck w/the burn for backup; also got the nice icy/ass combo, always fun. By -sinned
Smash Your Enemies
40 Cards
Value: $1468.72
necropotence, best f*ckin card ever
60 Cards
Value: $1760.56
i play this deck in mutiplayer and it has never lost. you search for the dragon/animate combo to prode litteraly infinate mana than use a fireball or rolling thunder to kill evreyone at once. terminate,lightning bolt,and will o' the wisp are your defense and if you daw multiple animate dead it's a good idea to play one on an opponents creature you have destroyed.
61 Cards
Value: $3482.36
if it goes like it could be you win, if not you have to wait a few rounds and then!!!!!
Vampire Deck
92 Cards
Value: $1987.28
if you can afford all these cards , this deck will be unbeatable.
Hand Denial-direct Damage Deck
69 Cards
Value: $1323.78
a red/black deck based around hand manipulation and direct damage. ~j2k
Fuuny As Hell
58 Cards
Value: $1425.72
its fun and i have it/ sideboard not yet finished!
I Laugh At Your Patheticness
65 Cards
Value: $1209.81
its funny as hell to gain control of the opponents creatures with a reins of power and then sac them for a dracoplasm whilst taking back your creatures with a brand and end up getting a 40/42 dracoplasm.
60 Cards
Value: $1273.78
destroy their creatures, destroy their hand, destroy them! " i will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and scrape your bones dry. and still you will not have suffered enough."
House Of Pain
58 Cards
Value: $3348.35
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