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Decks Containing Aura-Shards

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Living A Wish???
58 Cards
Value: $136.93
drop creatures and use the living wish, hunting grounds/elvish piper to get creatures with large mana's on the table... hf
80 Cards
Value: $159.72
You basically get ifinate creatures and ifinite life.
64 Cards
Value: $141.72
60 Cards
Value: $167.64
Armadillo Willow
60 Cards
Value: $37.15
Wrath Of The Squirrel
82 Cards
Value: $2935.00
this deck kicks ass!!!
Mystic Butt Kicker
60 Cards
Value: $55.14
this is the first real deck idea i have had. it hasnt let me down yet. once you get threshhold thats game. just watch out for the deeds, and the innocent blood.
Sliver Deck
46 Cards
Value: $133.15
sliver deck. done!
Gold Power
58 Cards
Value: $34.65
this deck is pretty good if you get the mana, sear's vision is also helpful which i run too. but its a good uncommon common deck
The Hulk
81 Cards
Value: $68.68
its a fast and furious deck!!!!.
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