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Tangled Fire
60 Cards
Value: $191.80
this deck is board control, in a way. you get the smokestack out, or the tangle wire for early control/stall. get either skullcap or mindstorm crown for faster card drawing (a combo with both out) and then burn 'em to death. i haven't played this deck, it just an idea, post suggestions.
Insane Direct Damage
60 Cards
Value: $44.86
the whole thing works on 1/2 mana just keep killing their fattys and lava burst them
Pyre Blasting "speed Burn"
60 Cards
Value: $148.52
lets see... 8 lightning bolts, 16 shocks, who could ask for more, (i could) but thats ok because it's fast, quick, swift, and speedy, it's a very nice burn!
Beattown(t2) With Suprise Sideboard
62 Cards
Value: $44.08
Terracenter (type 2)
64 Cards
Value: $80.21
"sometimes destruction is dominaria's way of rebuilding. sometimes it's not." -(epicenter)
The Fastest Deck Ever!!!
62 Cards
Value: $200.75
i have looked through every red card in the game. these cards deal more damage per mana than any other red cards. on average, you will deal 2.25 damage per mana. on average, on the forth turn, you will deal 22.5 damage. if you draw the mox ruby, you will win in three turns. if you play against another red deck, sideboard the molten influence for the flame rift.(red counter)
Burn Your Ass
60 Cards
Value: $60.68
play stuff easy!!!!!!!!!!1
Burn Your A$$
60 Cards
Value: $60.68
this deck is very easy to kill people with the strategy is to play a first turn raging goblin or mogg fanatic,then play a goblin grenade for five damage and another 1 mana casting cost bring your opponent down to 13 or 14 life second turn!if you dont get a goblin grenade combo you play a jackal pup and a instant damage card attack with the jackal pup bring them down to 15 or 16
DaRk FiReS !!
58 Cards
Value: $49.29
u can sub. the scutas for vicous kavus, the ghitu fire for ryhstic lightenings and thas about it. have fun with my deck!
Try To Beat This Fires
60 Cards
Value: $127.40
This deck is super fast and has never ever lost It can only be beaten by my Blue-black deck
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