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Decks Containing Abyssal-Hunter

60 Cards
Value: $49.84
kill the creatures and go on to kill the opponenet
Mine Is Bigger
63 Cards
Value: $490.08
kill all creatures!! without burning them! efficient and most of all fun!
Back Again
63 Cards
Value: $48.34
50 Cards
Value: $49.53
very good deck
38 Cards
Value: $107.65
Unstopable Mercenaries
49 Cards
Value: $35.44
It's simply a mercenarie deck.With urza's ?ncubator you can make the deck faster.And with overlord you can call your friend to fight for you.
!!! NO MERCY !!!
42 Cards
Value: $106.98
5 Creatures are attacking you ?? No problem: Blast the first with the royal, tap the second with the master decoy, shoot the third with the Abyssal Hunter, block the forth with the dragoons and the last deals damage to you and is blown away with no mercy. Easy goin? !!
The Equiper
75 Cards
Value: $153.02
equip equip equip
64 Cards
Value: $188.20
If yor creatures die, just bring 'em back with the Coffin Queen, the use the Terrors to kill off the big nasties like the Thorn Elementals and take those withe the Coffin Queen also. Kill off your opponent with your own and their big nasties.

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