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Decks Containing AEther-Vial

Endless Flood
109 Cards
Value: $581.59
Berserk Affinity
60 Cards
Value: $1196.41
Artificer Black
60 Cards
Value: $308.79
perfect hand- 2 lands, vial, greaves, coretapper, harvester. third turn attack. not a fast toury deck, but a fun one.
Arcbound Ravager Deck W- SHRAPNEL BLAST
60 Cards
Value: $343.29
This is an affinity deck with arcbound ravager.It can win by attacking frogmites and myr enforcers with equipped cranial plating or an arcbound ravager with other creatures or 2 disciples of the vault with 10 artifacts and sacrifice it all to arcbound ravager so target opponent loses 20 life or deal 15 damage and cast a shrapnel blast.All of these within less than 7 turns.
Te Lo Meto Lento
60 Cards
Value: $261.28
i have 4 words to say about this deck TE LO METO LENTO
Modern Fires
58 Cards
Value: $477.81
now, this is simple, so don't be stupid and not understand it. so: you get little creatures and fires. then, get big creatures and gratuitous violence. finally, turn your opponent to m_u_l_c_h
68 Cards
Value: $110.12

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