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Decks Containing AEther-Flash

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Red Direct Damage Deck
61 Cards
Value: $39.12
The deck's purpose is to deal direct damage to player & creatures aswell.
It Burns!!
60 Cards
Value: $57.78
this is a pure direct damage deck, it took alot of calculations and adjustments, but it has had an enormous winning streak. the mana cost is where this deck gets its punch.
Slow Death (Anti-Creature, Artifact-red Control)
61 Cards
Value: $291.87
Disable Creature functions and kill with Direct Damage!
Red Mana Deprivation
64 Cards
Value: $55.94
destroy or conquer all their lands. fissures double as pesky fat creature destroyers. having almost no creatures in the deck, the aether flashes prevent your opponents from bringing out any of their own with power of 2 or less. direct damage spells and instants will finish off your opponent.
Turbo Quake
62 Cards
Value: $38.43
a classic white/red prevention deck, might need work, has trouble against fast decks such as sligh or hatred. if you get out a aether flash in time however the odds are usually in your favor. the rest is pretty self explanitory
$%#@ed If Ya Do,$%#@ed If Ya Dont
54 Cards
Value: $60.56
play power surge early and simply run all your untapped land through one of your creatures at the end of opponents turn. use aether flash against weenie decks to stop them early. finally drop mana flare and shivan dragon w/ granite grip for the kill.. that is of course if the power surge hasnt killed everyone else yet. ha ha have fun!!
Kickin' Your Ass
60 Cards
Value: $175.86
use aluren bring in creatures, aether flash kills them, then you draw a card, continue until you get the hand you want then stop the combo, end your turn with a crapload of mana producing creatures, then your next turn overrun for the kill.
Burn, Baby, Burn
49 Cards
Value: $376.73
63 Cards
Value: $40.39
wow!!! this deck is great. what you wanna do is get out your mountains, destroy their lands, then destruct them with the big, bad, nasty spells. if your opponent gets out there creatures, u can destroy them or get your creatures out.
Supa Counta Kill Ur Library Baby
100 Cards
Value: $171.64
hi this deck is actually one of the best decks if u know how to use it correctly i had never lost with it b4. rig some red mana at the top near some aether flashes by the way.
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